Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hiroshima: a small dialogue

The following is an exchange of comments between Wilfried Decoo and myself in an LDS blog called "Times and Seasons."

Wilfried, I appreciate very much your posting this topic in an appropriate stance:

> this is not the day to analyze the chain of events that led to it nor to weigh reasons and responsibilities. Still I feel I must try to comprehend something essential, something that goes way beyond the facts and ties in with the Gospel and eternity.

> this is a day to ponder about the white doves flying over the Atomic Bomb Dome, the suffering on all sides, burned skin hanging from bodies, radiation, children, peace for tomorrow. But the scare of a future, similar to Hiroshima’s fate, is still with us, today more than yesterday.

I feel relieved to find most of the 20 comments tried to face this difficult theme sincerely.

– A Japanese member of the Church in Hiroshima.

Comment by NJWindow — 8/9/2005 : 7:04 am

It certainly was a surprise to receive this comment from a Church member in Hiroshima. Thank you so much. Also thank you for your generosity and kindness, because some of the previous comments were perhaps somewhat hurtful and unnecessary in this thread. But, indeed, the overall tone of the participants is one of sober commemoration and of gratitude for the Spirit that binds us all, whatever our nationality and whatever the past of our countries. We greet you, Hiroshima. And, appropriately, we add Nagasaki today in our thoughts.

Comment by Wilfried — 8/9/2005 : 11:40 am