Thursday, February 04, 2010

Preparatory note of apology for 731st force operations

A Japanese language teacher in Harbin, I am planning to visit “The Site of the Japanese Army’s 731st Force” in March. The site is notorious for its operations of developing, experimenting and producing chemical weaponry during the last years of World War II. The force experimented various poison gases with civil living humans. The number amounted to 3,000 according to Chinese sources. I prepared a statement of apology in Chinese. The following is an English translation.

“As a Japanese, I feel very sorry for the fact that Japanese army developed such grievous weaponry, and that victimized countless citizens in its process. I should like to apologize those victims and their families from the bottom of my heart. I know that there is no room for any excuse. I am really sorry. I suppose the wound the Chinese people suffered and the grudge as well as unpleasant feelings you have toward Japan would not disappear easily. Though I was not involved in the damaging operations directly, I wish I could make up for the harm in the range of my capacity. And as one of the pro-China Japanese, I would like to cherish the close affinity I feel toward Chinese people and try to advance harmonious and cooperative relationships between the two nations.”