Saturday, January 01, 2005

A voice against DU shells

I saw a documentary film “Investigation of DU shell victims” by a German doctor Gunter on TV on 4th of January. It prompted me to post this entry. I have been deeply concerned about the issue since an Iraqi boy was brought to Nagoya, Japan, to be treated his leukemia. Later his doctor in Iraq came to Hiroshima University to learn the latest medical treatment of cancer.

The use of weaponry made of Depleted Uranium is strongly suspected to be THE cause of gravely tragic cases of radioactivity-related diseases and births of malformed children. Many reports by doctors and studies by scientists substantiate the cause-effect relations. We can say a serious inhuman crime is being committed. I join many sincere voices in condemning the evil deeds.

Jiro Numano who was in the human letters “NO WAR NO DU!” in Hiroshima in March, 2003

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